Personal data protection

This document describes how we use and process personal data. You will also find information on  how to contact us if you have any questions regarding personal data. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

The administrator of personal data and the operator of this website is:

A1R s. r. o.
Bj. Krawce 1130, 565 01 Choceň
IČO: 068 202 04
E-mail: atelier@a1r.cz

Information collection and use

Access to website www.a1r.cz may be conditioned by the Operator on providing of certain personal data of the User pursuant to Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection and other acts, as amended. In such case, the Operator will handle such data in accordance with valid legislation.

Handover of personal data

The Operator cooperates with companies that provide a range of services. These companies, if authorised to do so, may handle the User’s personal data, and they shall work with  the information only when fulfilling their obligations and must not use it for any other purposes. The Operator shall neither sell nor transfer nor disclose personal data to any third parties.

However, the Operator reserves the right to use or hand over any data needed for fulfilment of legislation for protection of network integrity, for fulfilment of the User's requirements or to aid with judicial investigations and other investigations in the public interest.

If the User wishes to modify personal data which the Operator has in its possession regarding the user, then the User may request by e-mail by writing to atelier@a1r.cz or by post to the postal mailing address specified in the section Contact us.

Liability and jurisdiction

Potential risks for the User resulting from the USE Of this website are entirely on the User, and the Operator shall not be liable for them to any extent. Any disputes arising in connection with the use of this website will be discussed by a court with relevant jurisdiction in the Czech Republic in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

Any provisions hereof which for any reason become unenforceable will be considered separated from the rest of the provisions hereof and shall not have any effect on the validity and enforceability of such other provisions.

Cookies policy


Cookies are data files which websites save on the User’s computer hard disk.
Cookies enable websites to remember important information, which makes it easier for Users to use the website.

Like most websites, the Operator’s website also uses cookies. Based on anonymous data objects, the Operator tracks information such as the total number of visitors to the website. A cookie is a short text file, which the visited website sends to the browser. It enables the website to record information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. This will facilitate subsequent visits to the site and improve productivity. Cookies are important files. Without them, browsing the web would be much more difficult. Cookies are used for many purposes. For example, we use them for saving your settings for safe browsing, for selection of relevant advertising, for monitoring the number of visitors to the site, for facilitating registration of new services, for protection of your data and for saving advertising settings. You can read about the types of cookies that Google uses and about how Google and its partners use these cookies in advertising. The privacy policy describes how we can protect your personal data and other data during use of cookies. If the User does not wish to use cookies or would like the web browser to notify about the use of cookies, this preference must be set in the web browser configuration. If the User blocks all cookies, then certain functions of the website will be unusable.

Information for users about users on the use of Google Analytics

In order to better understand the visitors to our website, we use the Google Analytics service, provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter “Google”).

You can refuse to use cookies to prevent collection of data about you. This preference can be set in your web browser configuration. For certain browsers, you can install a Plugin to unsubscribe from advertising cookies , which will prevent your data from being sent to Google.

Google Analytics files

For creating overviews of users’ interactions on a Google Analytics customer’s website, Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies. For customers who use advertising functions of Google Analytics, we use Google advertising cookies. These enable certain Google services (such as AdWords) to activate functions such as remarketing. More information about how Google uses advertising cookies can be found on the website regarding privacy protection within Google services. If you wish to manage the settings of these cookies and unsubscribe from these functions, please visit the sub-page regarding cookies settings or block storage in your browser. You can refuse to use cookies to prevent collection of data about you. This preference can be set in your web browser configuration. For certain browsers, you can install a Plugin to unsubscribe from advertising cookies , which will prevent your data from being sent to Google.

More information

By using this website, you consent to processing of data about your visit by Google in the manner and for the purposes described above.

Cookie Settings

We use cookies to let you browse the site more comfortably and to continually improve the functionality, performance and usability of the site by analysing site traffic.

  • Technical Cookies

    These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly.
    These cookies cannot be disabled.

  • Analytics Cookies

    These cookies allow us to analyze how our site is used. We then use the obtained data to analyze and improve the performance of our website.

  • Advertising Cookies

    These cookies are used to obtain information about user preferences across different websites. The data obtained is used to display advertisements that are interesting and relevant to the user.

  • Marketing Cookies

    These cookies are used to determine the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Their task is, for example, to help us understand how many visitors our marketing campaigns bring to our services, to measure the number of displayed advertisements and their effectiveness, i.e. how many people click on a given advertisement.

  • User cookies

    This consent allows online platforms to store and use user data for more precise ad targeting. This includes information such as demographic data, interests and user behavior. Without this consent, the displayed ads may not be relevant to the user's interests and preferences.

  • Personalization cookies

    By granting this consent, online platforms will be able to use previously obtained data about a specific user, including information about their purchasing behavior, in order to display relevant offers and advertisements.

  • Security cookies

    Security cookies enable the storage of information related to security, such as authentication, fraud protection and other means of protecting the user.

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